Charleston, SC Lifestyle Family Photographer :: The Daubs Family in Asheville, NC

When you live on a golf course with mountains as your backdrop . . . you get pictures there.  Or at least that's your goal until Mother Nature steps in and tells you, "No, you don't need mountains, you need some fog."  And then you look around and realize that so-called annoying fog is enveloping you in the most beautiful, eery light.  So you quietly give Mother Nature a high five and start snapping . . .   

Family :: The Ernest-Jones's


I felt like if I wrote the above in all caps it would be like I am standing on the rooftops shouting this incredible news to "the world" =0)  But alas, I know I'm really just letting the few peeps who may push past my portfolio page (in the hopes of getting a better idea of what my time with you may feel and look like) a more in-depth sneak peek than what they can find on my E Bea Facebook page.  You're welcome=0)

This is the Ernest-Jones family and even though they don't realize it . . . they brought their lifestyle game BIG TIME to their session!  You'll see what I'm talking about below!  You know, there are quite a few photographers out there that I follow on instagram because their work speaks to me in some sort of way, whether that may be the words they pair with their pictures, the composition, the colors, if it's film, if it's digital . . . the list is long.  And I respect each photographer for a different reason.  As cliche as it sounds, I have the same view and the same approach to each family session. At least now I do.  Every family is different while at the same time they are the same.  Parents love their children.  Children love their parents.  Being together (specifically for a photo shoot) should include something that reflects that love in the most natural way for your family.  

Being that I live near the ocean in the ever so beautiful Charleston, SC, I find myself getting requests for shoots on the beach all.the.time.  And I'll admit . . . early on in my photography journey, I would agree to these beach sessions knowing that some families (okay, A LOT of families) were really just interested in the traditional family pictures of everyone looking at the camera on the count of three while standing with their toes in the sand.  Although I wouldn't allow them to show up wearing matching outfits (NEVERRRRRRR!!!!!!), I didn't push too hard for anything creative and fun.  And that zapped the excitement of the shoot for me.  And I take 100% of the blame for failing to capture the true emotion of being together instead of just the memory of physically being together!  So I decided to change that . . .

The Ernest-Jones family wanted their last family pictures of their time here in Charleston at a place they visited often . . . Folly Beach, SC.  They are a family that is following their dreams, doing something pretty darn amazing . . . They sold most of their belongings, bought an RV and are traveling the country together - LIVING life together as they see this beautiful country with their own eyes and not just through the pages of a book!  I'm going to miss them and their amazing ability to just "be".   

Family :: The Castos

Let’s get one thing straight . . . I'm not too proficient at “blogging.”  Hence, why very few posts have been created over the past four years and then eventually deleted.  And I’m not about to promise it’s going to happen on a regular basis.  I'm going to try . . . but not promise=0)  However, I do realize it’s a great snapshot for people to get a better understanding of what our time together will look like should you decide to hop on board the E Bea Photography train.  And that’s really the most important thing here . . . understanding each other before even a single picture is taken.  Before you say to yourself, “Yes!  Let's get together for pictures!” I need to ensure you know what you’re getting yourselves into – although hopefully it’s obvious should you have poked around on my site.  AND, I want to make sure my style of photography matches your vision for what you want framed and hanging in your home or printed and featured in a yearly family album.  And what better way to show you what I love to capture than to start with what I feel is the epitome of a perfect family session!?  I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.  So without further adieu . . . I give you a sneak peek into the Casto Family!