Charleston, SC Lifestyle Family Photographer :: The Texas Hill Country

We found ourselves on a 900 acre ranch in the Hill Country of Texas. Not because we planned it but because this job of mine has brought some of the most incredible and selfless people and families into my life.

This means when one of those families, whom I’ve been photographing since close to the start of my photography journey, invites me to capture them at their family ranch and requests MY family comes along, too . . . it took only a quick excited phone call to my mom (to convince me we should go) and the prospect of an incredible experience for my girls (well, for all of us) to say YES! Oh, and a little more convincing on my part to Steve . . . who thought I had (slightly) lost my mind for asking him to stay with people he had never met. Ever.

So we pulled the girls from school and we went. And it was more than any of us could have ever imagined.

And our hearts and memories are so full.

A lot of our time is captured below, including some pictures of the family who gifted us memories that will truly last a lifetime . . .