Charleston, SC Lifestyle Family Photographer :: The Zieglers

The Zieglers.  My third shoot with them.  And with each shoot, it just becomes lovelier and lovelier.

There was NOTHING typical about this session.  Nothing.  And that is why I am absolutely over the moon about these images.  Never before have I had a family ask me to capture them on a beach in this way . . . the REAL way all families spend time at the beach.  With sand everywhere.  Hair windswept and wet.  Discovering sea life and seashells.  Making true memories.  

Oh how I wish I could make this the standard for beach sessions!  Is that such a far-fetched dream?  Too much to ask?  Families really just existing while I capture the joy of what it FEELS like to spend a day at the beach. 

I simply cannot express the gratitude I have to the four of you, Alex, Erin, Addy Jo and Jasper . . . for truly just being together.