Charleston, SC Lifestyle Family Photographer :: The Crawford Wedding

This family.

I captured them very early into my photography journey. A 50th wedding anniversary at The Sanctuary on Kiawah.

It wasn’t until last year, years after our first and only time together, that I received an email from Marina - the daughter who “hired me” years ago to capture her parents’ anniversary celebration. She was getting married . . . and she wanted me to take the pictures.

I wanted to say no - for all the reasons I am NOT a wedding photographer.

But I said yes - for all the reasons I am a family photographer.

And it was one of the most beautiful family sessions I have ever captured. Not because it was a wedding. But because both these families - the two joining together - showed me over and over again throughout the day what it meant to be present with each other, to not worry about the little things, to find joy with the ones we choose to surround ourselves with and to truly love each other for who we are, wherever we are and however we are . . .

These are family pictures . . . taken on a wedding day.