photo courtesy: Caroline Ro

photo courtesy: Caroline Ro

Hey there!  I am so glad you stumbled upon e bea photography . . .

I'm Molly and those are my girls up there . . . all three!  Eloise (E) is in the purple and Beatrix (Bea) is in the white . . . the inspiration for my style of photography.  It only made sense to create a photography name based on my two little muses!  You'll also find my sweet Mabel in there with us . . . the most amazing dog that will ever walk this earth!  And yes, I am happily married but my husband is a bit more camera shy than us Lawson Ladies . . . so he didn't make the cut!  

I'm going to be honest here . . . I'm not a fan of "about" pages.  I know to promote your craft you need to often times promote yourself.  But do you really need to know what I like to drink, what time I'm getting out of my sweats and things I'm afraid of?  Nope.  Nope, you don't.

What I DO want you to know . . . 

I believe . . . family is EVERYTHING.  Togetherness is everything.  Creating a memory is everything (whether simple or life-altering). 

These are the reasons I choose to specialize in family portrait sessions.  

I want the moments and emotions in the images I capture to act as a mirror, reflecting back to you that this "family thing" you've been doing for however long (whether just for a couple of days or for many, many years) . . . you're doing beautifully!

When you're ready to invite me into your home and into your lives to capture the undeniable joy of togetherness and the beauty of the everyday . . . give me a shout.  I'm ready!