photo courtesy:   Lucy Macleish Photography

photo courtesy:  Lucy Macleish Photography

Hey there!  I am so glad you stumbled upon e bea photography . . .

I'm Molly and that's my incredible crew up there!  Eloise (E) is up there on the left and Beatrix (Bea) is on the right . . . the inspiration for my style of photography.  It only made sense to create a photography name based on my two little muses!  And if you're dying to know who those other two characters are up there with us, you'll find Steve (my husband) and Mabel (the most amazing dog that will ever walk this earth)!

I'm going to be honest here . . . I'm not a fan of "about" pages.  I know to promote your craft you need to often times promote yourself.  But do you really need to know what I like to drink, what time I'm getting out of my sweats and things I'm afraid of?  Nope.  Nope, you don't.

What I DO want you to know . . . 

I believe . . . family is EVERYTHING.  Togetherness is everything.  Creating a memory is everything (whether simple or life-altering). 

These are the reasons I choose to specialize in family portrait sessions.  

I want the moments and emotions in the images I capture to act as a mirror, reflecting back to you that this "family thing" you've been doing for however long (whether just for a couple of days or for many, many years) . . . you're doing beautifully!

When you're ready to invite me into your home and into your lives to capture the undeniable joy of togetherness and the beauty of the everyday . . . give me a shout.  I'm ready!